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The Book Blogger Blind Date series was created by Jill at Rant and Rave About Books. Her idea was to pair bloggers together to have them get to know and interview each other. Being new to book blogging I thought that this was a great opportunity to meet other bloggers in the bookternet community.

I was paired with the wonderful Kendra at Reads and Treats. Kendra and I were paired by Jill because we both share a love for contemporary fiction. Below are five questions I asked Kendra about her thoughts on books and reading habits…

If you would like to see the questions I answered for Kendra check it out here:

1. What is the biggest challenge you face when reading? (Time? Procrastination? Indecisiveness?) 

The biggest challenges I face are mostly time and procrastination. My heavy TBR doesn’t leave too much room for indecisiveness (most of the time). Time is a major challenge because in a household of 7 (counting animals), I am always busy. I’m also a college student, so I am always ready a lengthy amount of pages for school. I find it hard to read a textbook (sometimes 300 pages a week), and turn around to read a book for review, or fun. Sometimes, I just want to shut off my brain! Other times, it’s procrastination! Right now, I’m in the middle of a book (about 30% done), and it’s good, but I just don’t feel like reading it. There’s nothing I’m reading in place of this one, so I just keep putting it off. Also, I tend to read the most during the night time. However, that can lead to procrastination by means of sleep. 😉

2. If you could give your younger self a book you read as an adult, what would it be? Why?

Ah, this is a tough question. Mostly everything I have read as an adult (with exceptions, of course), were not available when I was younger. However, I would have to say Tampa by Alissa Nutting. It’s a horribly twisted novel about a female teacher who sexually assaults the boys in her class. It’s a weird thing to relate to myself because I was not sexually assaulted by a teacher. But I was by someone close to me. Because of this, I was able to identify with the victims. I had been in their shoes, and the novel said it was never the students’ fault. For years, I always thought it was my fault. After I read this book, even though I was completely disgusted by what this teacher did, it helped me realize that I had no control over what happened. It was never my fault. If I would have learned this much sooner, my transition into adulthood would have been so much better.

3. What would your ideal reading nook look like? 

My ideal reading nook would be in a corner of the room with most of the wall covered in books. But there would be a window that peers out into a landscape of grass, trees, and flowers. My big ol’ comfy chair would be facing toward the window, and when it rains, that is the only place you would ever find me.

4. Do you like to pair your books with anything (music, drinks, foods, etc)?

I actually don’t. I am terrible with this. I have done a few book tags with this premise, and I always find it is so difficult to find books! Now, I have done it, but after the post went live, I always look at it and think ‘what the hell was I thinking? That book doesn’t match that food, drink, etc’. But of course, I’d never take it down. So I just leave it there, hoping it’s not as bad as I think it is/

5. What book genre would best describe your personality?

Definitely contemporary romance. I am a huge hopeless romantic. If it gives you any idea, my three favorite movies are: Definitely, Maybe; The Notebook; and A Walk to Remember. I have many favorites, but those all scream romance! It’s funny because contemporary romance is basically all I read. I do read other genres, but this one is my go to!

Don’t forget to go visit Kendra at Reads and Treats!

3 thoughts on “Interview with Kendra of Reads and Treats

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  2. I’m so glad you guys had fun doing this. 🙂 I enjoyed reading both of your answers. I read your answers over on Kendra’s blog, and I also love The Hunger Games! That was my favorite book until I read Red Rising. That was an incredible book. 🙂

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