Men Read Books?

According to the New York Times men read books. Let it be noted that this appeared in the Fashion section under “Men’s Style.” Also, I feel I must warn you that if you click the link you will be met with a photo of a group of middle aged white men sitting around a table. The focal point of the room is a very large and gaudy curtain that would look much better as von Trapp family frocks (the REAL fashion here). The cardinal rule of the book club featured is “No books by women about women.”

The website Fast Company was clued into this manly trend. And as the name of the featured book club is the very creative Man Book Club, they took to Twitter to come up with some better ideas. I suppose you can’t expect much imagination after the tiresome struggle these fellows must face every day. Of course bookish Twitter delivered with a plethora of new and exciting book club names. Below I have listed some of my favorites.

Mic drop.

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