I am The Booktrovert!

Welcome to The Booktrovert Blog. A shiny new blog for my 35th year.  I’ve been wanting to record my thoughts and feelings on my reading life for awhile and figured that this would be a good time to start.  My plans for this blog include reviews, many of which will be driven by emotion rather than specifics on language, plot, characterization, etc.  Also, I hope to write reflections of books that have shaped me into the person I have become. I read quite a variety, but I do especially love Young Adult Fiction. Lately, I’ve been working on catching up on classics that I missed out on in high school. Some other genres I’m most interested in are memoirs (especially those dealing with mental health), speculative fiction, dystopian fiction, literary fiction, pop-science/psychology, and grit lit.

Booktrovert refers to me identifying closely with being an introvert along with my love of reading.  An introvert is someone who is energized mostly from quiet, alone time.  Putting that together with my lifelong love of reading, I define a booktrovert as someone who is energized by reading books.

A little bit about me: My name is Nicole, I am a week shy of 35.  I live in the Richmond, VA suburbs with my husband and our two dogs Oliver (Twist) and Arya (Stark). My favorite book of all time is Harriet the Spy and I have a tattoo of Harriet on my left arm.  My favorite series of all time is The Hunger Games.  When I am not reading, I like to work out and am usually listening to an audiobook while doing so. I enjoy coloring, jigsaw puzzles, social justice and progressive politics and abandoning failed craft projects.

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